house rules


Here at Omega VR we have a few rules to make the stay for all our customers pleasant. Please follow these simple guidelines to ensure this!

  • Refer yourself to the reception before entering the gaming zone

  • Do not bring FOOD/DRINKS into the playing area (Drinks must have a cap!)

  • It is strictly forbidden to SMOKE in the store

  • Be respectful to your fellow players and surroundings by using inside voices

  • It is unacceptable to HIT/BASH tables or equipment while playing

  • Do not use the FIRE EXIT unless instructed. Personnel will assist you.

Omega VR games center has a zero-tolerance policy towards

  • We have zero-tolerance towards THEFT/PICKPOCKET. In the case of theft, contact the store employees and/or security.

  • We have zero-tolerance with AGGRESSIVE/VIOLENT behavior. Repeat offenders will be removed, reported to security/police and barred from the store.

  • We have zero-tolerance towards DRUGS/ALCOHOL. Any substance use in the store will result in contact with security/police, removal and ban. (Alcohol is only allowed with agreed upon arrangements with facility staff)

  • We have zero-tolerance towards DAMAGE OF PROPERTY. Intentional destruction of property will result in security/police intervention and compensation payment. (We are fully aware that mistakes or slips may happen, intentional is not acceptable)

  • We have zero-tolerance towards BULLYING/HARASSMENT. We aspire to create a safe environment for all our customers. This includes; Verbal, physical or cyber. Be respectful of your fellow players. Incidents will result in warnings, repeat offenders will be removed and banned.

  • We have zero-tolerance with EXPLICIT WEBSITES. Do not engage in illegal activity online or anything leading to gambling, weapons, pornography, violence or extremist groups.

  • We have zero-tolerance towards HACKING. Attempting to hack or retrieve password encrypted content is strictly forbidden.

Breach of these terms will result with actions from security/police, reports and/or being fined, removal and permanent ban from the facility.



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